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Kent Resources & Dispatch LLC

We Specialize in Dry Van, Power-Only Reefers,Flat Bed,Step Bed,Box trucks and Hotshots.

About Kent Resources & Dispatch LLC

Kent Resources & Dispatch LLC is a  licensed freight trucking company running freight hauling business from USA and Canada. Kent Resources offers professional dispatching services.  Aim is to help our Carriers save time and money. Kent Resources serving as a liaison between the shippers, freight brokers, and the customers with dedication and commitment. 

We believe in building long lasting relationship and with brokers, drivers and shippers. We provide superior customer service and maintain constant flow of communication. We are available 24/7 for all of Your Carriers needs.

Our Services

Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to the livelihood of our Carriers by helping them to successfully complete loads, reduce deadhead miles and to maintain a constant flow of communication.

Needed Documents

Make sure you have all the required documents:

Custom,trip planning

Dispatching-Top rate Negotiations

Certificate of Insurance request

Credit Checks of brokers and shippers

Affordable Price

Safe, Reliable & Express Logistic Solutions That Saves Your Time!

We are a family owned and independent freight dispatching company where our mission is to partner with drivers to negotiate better rates and maximize their profits.

Our Core values

 we offer on time delivery of your  transportation needs.

Xcellence In Safety

Safety is the foundation of our business. Keeping our drivers and the public safe is table stakes, and our customers and investors should demand it.

Xcellence In Service

Our customers rely on our services. Prompt and professional execution allows us to be the best partners for our customers.

Xcellence In Solutions

Creativity and flexibility is required in modern logistics. Increasing our value proposition by providing solutions and capacity management that are more than point to point…

Classic modern new white big rig semi truck with a trailer moving on a smooth cloudy highway transporting a cargo of industrial products for livelihood all across America


Kent Resources & Dispatch team is the best of the best, and expertly trained team members who take the extra step and go the extra mile, all to fulfill our dedicated promise to deliver innovative and dynamic solutions to our customers to fit the needs of a rapidly changing global environment.
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